Health professionals can seek information and announce events, lectures, scientific materials in their areas. Such as advertising their offices and laboratories agreed to them.

Companies from the hospital branch and pharmacies can also advertise their products and services.

Our goal is to be a one-touch health promotion channel, with accurate information brought by the health professionals themselves to the population, a free app accessible to everyone.

For more information on how to advertise, go to www.ipan.tv.

Aplicativo IPAN Masces

IPAN MEDICAL was created with a focus on several applications:

  • Medicine:

    It will promote the interactivity among the professionals of the area in health promotion, lectures, events, information and dissemination of scientific studies together with the research centers to provide the scientific and technological promotion throughout the national territory a Knowledge Exchange, an open channel for studies in several areas of health. Even the faculty.

  • Hospitals and Clinics:

    Dissemination of the networks and specialized services offered through pager to provide accurate information to the user. Disclosure of courses and masters offered by the network.

  • Pharmacies:

    Disclosure of drug promotions, hospital apparatus; products, and cosmetics helping and increasing the number of consumers through advertisements.

  • ADVERTISERS - Join multiple applications on a single platform:

    IPAN MEDICAL aims at promoting health in a touch by unifying physicians and companies in health promotion with user interaction by bringing information and disclosures of medical products and services in a simple and straightforward manner.

  • Query Marking:

    A channel of encouragement to professionals Physicians, whether autonomous or not, the disclosure of their clinics and clinics to consultation information providing greater comfort to the user and the medical professionals themselves.

  • Distance study of a given Epidemic or Disease:

    Allows distance medical studies and all medical possibilities within a digital channel of communication.

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